Who is The Master?

The man, the legend, the mission.


Who is the Master, and what has he set out to accomplish?


The Master only selects the best products that fit his strict criteria.


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A Man on a Mission

The Master travels the four corners of the globe, searching for world class food brands for the South African retail market. He’s hiked the hills of Europe, he’s flown the cities of America and he’s adventured the continents of Asia.

He tastes, he collects and he gathers. The Master has a strict criteria with which he judges these brands and picks only the best for the South African consumer. If the international market has it, the Master can get it.


To supply his range of the world’s tastiest food brands to every South African supermarket by 2025.


To partner with manufacturers around the globe in order to bring international trends of food and snacks to South Africa.



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Products selected


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