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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Master really?

Rumour has it he is a world famous chef. Some say he is a life-long nomad. Others say he works undercover for a secret society of food lovers. Whatever the real identity of the man known only as “The Master”, what we do know is that he is a man on a mission to find the best products the world has to offer, and he never disappoints.

How does The Master choose products?

The Master travels the world, visiting stores big and small, restaurants diners, dives, drive-ins, farm stalls and markets, personally tasting various kinds of foods, sauces and drinks. He has a strict criteria with which he judges each product and chooses only the best for the South African market.

Where has The Master travelled to date?

The Master has been to almost every country in the world already, but he never stops travelling! His criteria is so strict that his search for new products is always on-going. To date he has found products worthy of his reputation as a master of brands in the USA, Poland and South Africa.

Can I request or recommend a product?

So you have also come across some great products on your travels? The Master salutes you! Of course, he would love to hear your recommendations, and he will personally collect, sample and evaluate the products for the South African market. Use the contact form above to send him your product recommendations and requests.

Direct Contact Details

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Address: Unit 1, Meisies Halt, East London, South Africa

Office: (+27) 82 448

Email: info (at)


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