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Only the best products pass The Master’s strict criteria.

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The Master travels to every corner of the world to find products.


All products selected by The Master are 100% quality guaranteed.

All the energy without the sugar

Endurade has taken the market by storm. Great flavours, low calories, sugar free and amazing taste.

The Master's Crushed Garlic

Do your best cooking with The Master’s garlic. No mess, no fuss – only the best will do! (I’ve created a garlic + chilli too!)

Pure Irradiated Honey

It’s not easy to find a top grade 100% pure honey anymore. But I have! You can be sure that honey is 100% pure.

Premium Honey

The best honey: filled with all of honey’s vitamins, nutrients and enzymes which boosts the immune system. And it’s delicious!

Original Fudge

I found this creamy fudge in Europe in 2019. There is nothing like it in South Africa. It will blow your mind.

Snack Mix

Healthy snacking brought to you in 200g Tubbies and 35g bag options and in 6 great varieties.

Cupcake Friends

These baking aids are the perfect delight for your birthday party cupcakes! Great value for money too!

Vitatech Vitamins

Protect yourself and your family by taking your daily dose of vitamins.

Vita+ Effervescents

A vital addition to your body’s health on a daily basis.

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